1. FUUUCK!
    Hot series.
    And the muscle pup with the buzz-cut is very interesting.
    Funny how one can focus so intently on a supporting character!

  2. Fantastic site!

  3. There are no words to say what I’m seeing. I’m quite articulate, yet I’m unable to fully express the feeling of appreciation for your amazing art. You sir, have captured the essence of what being a man who loves the male form can only imagine. You have brought my most core desires to a visual space as NO one ever has. All the vids online, all the erotic art I’ve viewed..nothing compares. Sincere appreciation..from a huge fan. I’m 58 yrs old, and dedicated to intense gym and fitness programs, so as to enrich my life experience. I’ve always thought mature men, can be the most erotic. Thanks for helping me stay focused on keeping muscular, and lean,,and of corse SEXual. I live in sf bay area, and will watch for any showings locally of your art. The most amazing creations this man has ever seen.

    • what an honest man you are i am imagining what you look like WOW

  4. damn! SMOKIN HOT !!!!

  5. That is so horny! Great art!

  6. I really like muscled older guys who are big and strong enough to dominate younger smaller men. Very hot!

  7. I just wish all daddies were like that !!

  8. Finally an artist who appreciates the older bald man in all his glory. Just wish the bodies were not sooooo plastic perfect. More imperfections are needs and not as “polished” like stone. Make it look like real flesh.

  9. it always gives me a big hard boner to see the Muscular Dad pictures, very horny ideas you have in your work. muscular mature masculine butch well hung butt beautiful boned up sexy horny dudes rule. keep it coming man. I dig it. dexter in venice

  10. I love that big dick i wish u could fuck me!

  11. Uuuh..H O T !

  12. I’m older and very much into muscle worship.
    Seeing the smaller muscle boy getting rock hard and the daddy’s muscles big, hard and ripped getting off on a young boy just new to working out, his cumming huge just seeing a young boy getting so much bigger and harder than most hot young boys.

    • I’m a bodybuilder into hot muscle worship. These pics show muscle worship better than anything else out there

      • KRAMER thank you so much. You made my day!

    • That’s what it is all about Kramer…hot muscle sex. Thanks for your great comment. My Best to you.

  13. Your more than welcome. Your art is amazing and incredibly erotic for guys into muscle like myself and others who I know get off on muscle.

    If I could I would make the best muscle worship video ever made it would be recreating guys in some of these drawings and muscle situations.

    I weight train 5-6 days a week, I’m big and ripped as hell, but I get inspired by the hot drawings you do to be as big and ripped as these hot men.

    Keep up the great work man!!!!💪🏋️

    • Kramer you are inspiring me to get back into it. Just thinking of your appreciation of my imaginings and just what I inspire in you with them is exciting. Thanks.

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