FLAVIAN ARENA (Some Violence 18 or older)



    I want to be in a time machine with you, one day… Rome, here we cum.
    We need to feast at that banquet!!!


    PS. I think you have another version of Death Blow, from the victor’s P.O.V.

  2. Yes Max you are correct. Here I have added the other view of Death Blow for you.

  3. DEATH BLOW 2!
    He takes the steel right in the thick of his chest.

  4. PS. Did I mention to you before how hot I think the Gladiators on the floor are? Those are amazing details. You can imagine such a rich scene! THIS is the 3rd kill! You have to play out the first two in your head! Now, I do have the imagination for that… but if you ever decide to expand on this series to INCLUDE the final moments of the Herculean corpses on the floor, then I will certainly applaud you!

    • Hey Max,

      Couldn’t agree more. When I saw those slain gladiators on the floor I shot a huge load right away. Three muscle guys are not enough to fight off this superior warrior, and they pay the ultimate price, sprawled lifelessly on marble. Fucking hot!

  5. That amazing Banquet Kill reminds me of a scene in Troy. Yeahhhh, you know the one. I’ve played it in slow motion a few times! What I especially like about your painting, though, is the apparent slow deliberateness on the part of the victor, and the full-flexed resignation of the dying Gladiator. Sooo hot… to imagine that they might have held this pose, just before the thrust, for several long moments waiting for the banquet guests to decide whether or not they still thirsted for blood after so much wine.

  6. I almost feel like this thead of images is JUST for me!
    But I’m sure it’s appreciated by many.
    Thanks for seemingly taking some of the pictures straight out of my head and breathing a kind of magnificent vitality into those fantasies.
    You’re amazing.

  7. You do these so well… you know they make my blood boil with excitement!
    Please do more!

  8. max is so right! its all so detailed and make u dream about it its sO HOT! 😀 wer luv it ! 😉

  9. Your work is excellent. How about doing some more pictures other historical themes, such a Greek, Egyptian and Babylonian warriors and such? Also, what about Vikings and Barbarian warriors?

  10. Outstanding images….been a fan of mssf for many years….saw you fiirst at “renderotica”….also lately at “daddys here”…especially like these images in the flavian arena…please do more…

    • Thank you likeyou! I am working on some new gladiator images so stay tuned!

  11. Also….whatever “max marshal” says …is ditto for me…

  12. I am VERY EXCITED to read this promise of more GLADIATOR images!
    I hope to see some hot action, as flexing, massive men give their LIVES for our entertainment! Their blood on the sand is appreciated by this mob!

    Your work is the best.
    Thanks so much for creating it, and sharing it. It’s good to be swept into this visceral manly world with you.


  13. By the way… I remember another gladiator picture that didn’t make it to this site (I don’t think!), that featured two Gladiators, both wearing leather, one wearing a helmet. I think one of them was holding a sword. It’s not a fight picture, but a two-man portrait almost. It COULD have a part 2!

    All the best

    • Yes Max I need to get busy on that. Thanks for your support.

      • But do you know the painting I mean?
        The two Gladiators are seen from the waist up, I think, and they are looking at the viewer. One with a helmet, the other not… one has a trident, I think… ahhh, yeah… I got off to the picture, so I remember it well! LOL!

        Have I told you lately that I think you’re fucking brilliant?
        You are

  14. Fantastic images as always ! I have long been a huge admirer of your work (especially anything ancient Roman), and although I lost the site for a while when you moved to a new site, I am delighted to have found you again.

    Could you perhaps consider doing naked oilwrestling matches between huge muscular gladiators, as entertainment for the Emperor and his entourage ?

    Many thanks !

    • Hi Romanhero! Glad you found me again. I will see what I can come up with for you.

      • Many thanks for your message and for considering my request.

        It always blows my mind, thinking of all that muscle and cock locked together in titanic struggles – so raw and primitive !


    • Thanks Chase! That is sweet of you to say.

  16. Please contact me at my e-mail address …I have a question for you…left two messages on your widget but got no reply…your input would be very helpful to me


    • I just saw this message. what is your question?

      • ..got question answered elsewhere..

  17. would love to see more gladiator stuff, young guys, skinny and muscled guys, taking it in the navel from spear, sword, knife!

  18. WOW! There seems to be an explosion of interest in your Gladiator-themed work!
    Well, the Arena fans of the world were bound to discover you sometime!
    After all, you are one of the very best on the planet.

  19. WOW, these are truly amazing. Do you accept commissions?

  20. All of your new paintings are amazing… I just come back to these to visit some faves.

  21. I was just here for yet another pilgrimage to the Arenas of Ancient Rome. The brutal, manly, savage sport of champions is so perfectly represented here! Please don’t forget to create more for this gallery!

  22. […] FLAVIAN ARENA (Violence 18 or older) […]

  23. your newest composition is amazing. I have to say I miss the thickly hairy chest the sword-wielding gladiator used to have (as in clash of the gladiators)

  24. Well, I was trying to say something original after the torrent of admiration (with which I wholeheartedly agree), and finally came up with: in some of your pictures you have women (gasp!), and in one or two I really like the contrast between the gnarled, knotty texture of the man’s skin and the woman’s smooth, flawless curves. I’m thinking in particular of the one 11th from the bottom, 12th from the top. The contrast here is astounding, and points up (as of course it’s meant to) the magnificent texture of the man.
    I also love your hairy gladiators (as another commentator said, body hair is good!). 4th from the top is a great example: the image also has a lovely compositional balance. Great stuff all round.

    • Thank you Nick. I really appreciate your comments. And yes the women are there to show contrast and the beauty of the men.

    • Nick: I really agree with you, the fourth from the top panel (Clash of Gladiators when you mouse over it) is amazing. The composition and motion, the aggression and combat, the defined musculature and abundant body hair make it the most erotic work Michael has done that does not show a sex act of any kind. tremendous

  25. Thank you

  26. […] FLAVIAN ARENA (Violence 18 or older) […]

  27. “We who are about to suck your balls dry and wash your feet with our warm,spurting blood,SALUTE YOU!

  28. “The Death Blow” paintings remain my faves.
    WOW! All that muscle flexed at its hardest, with steel thrust into a massive clenched chest! And the dead men one the ground… their deaths only imagined, but manly.
    I hope you’ll do more like this!

  29. MSSF…
    Although I am a big fan of yours …you disappoint me…
    I have viewed all 12 pages on this site…and no page has as many comments from visitors than this the Flavian page…

    All visitors want more of this type of image …and yet you create very few additional images…and some that you include on this page are not relevant…and the women in your images…are unnecessary distractions…

    Hopefully you will find the time and interest to create more images of this type of action. I believe their is more of an audience for it than you realize.

    • to be more precise…when I say some of the images are irrelevant…there are 23 images on this page of which 11 have no violence nor even hint at violence…

  30. The first image on this page shows a man being burnt at the stake in a roman arena ….this is historically inaccurate…for a number of reasons….Romans despised the stench of burning flesh…and equally hated the smell of smoke…what you have depicted here would have emptied the arena of spectators…

    romans had an extraordinary fear of fire…do in some part to the primitive method they had of fighting a fire…a bucket line…which rarely succeeded…most fires in public areas ended simply by burning themselves out…Romans had a number of ways to execute people …burning at the stake was not one of them.

    and finally…Romans went to the arena games primarily to gamble…the gladiators were like the race horses of today…and Romans were passionate gamblers…you cant bet on a man who is going to be burnt at the stake.

    MSSF…do your historical homework…

    • I understand your points. However I have read that Nero illuminated an evening banquet with stake burnings of criminals. Am I wrong in this? These pictures are less about historical acuracy than fantasy. But I really do apriciate your imput and I hope you will keep visitng. I shall in any event try for more histoical acuracy. As for the women, well I like to offer something for everone, even the stray straights who might wander in.

  31. Wow, you handled THAT with great tact and courtesy.
    I would not have been so kind.
    You are a true artist.
    Create what you want
    YOU are the ARTIST… and I admire every painting you share with us.

    • On May 16th you asked MSSF..”please do more”.

      On June 3rd he replied to me that he was…”working on some new gladiator images”.

      Since June 3rd he has posted over 54 images on this and his other site and in Renderotica…but only one new image in the Flavian Arena…

      Sorry Max I dont think MSSF hears us…

      • Likeyou, the fact is that this is our friend’s blog. This is the site where he shares his artistry, his vision, HIS fantasies with us. He does this very generously. I’ve done my own reading on how things actually were, historically, and you know what? My own fantasies ALWAYS fudge the accurate bits. If these wonderful paintings were truly accurate, we wouldn’t be admiring MAGNIFICENT BODYBUILDERS in the Arena at all! They were ordinary-looking, somewhat burly, brutes in the Arenas! So I say AVE! to FANTASY! -and if burning is our fave artist’s fantasy, then we should not reproach him and then presume to give him a history lesson! I’m sure he’s at least as well-read as any of us on the subjects he renders so beautifully!

        So… in short, may I suggest you thank our host for what you appreciate, and leave it at that.


  32. You are correct…mad Nero did that…but it wasnt in the arena…and he was hated for it…his guests wanted to leave…but remained out of fear of the consequences…

    Why pander to straights…they are not your audience…besides the net has an abundance of sites that do a much better job of satisfying them..

    There is no doubt of your brilliant technical and artistic abilities…but keep in mind…it is the SUBJECT of an image that ulltimately connects with people…if you did art for yourself only it wouldnt matter, but since you dont…it does.

  33. Re.Max-Marshal comment of August 21,ditto for me too.Thanks again MSSF for sharing your fantastic artwork with others who can only dream of being as creative and talented as you.

  34. Max…my friend…I dont think MSSF is as thin skinned as you might think…

    He is fortunate to have a supporter like you…most all artist cherish those who see eye to eye with them…but keep in mind that without criticism there is little growth or improvement….

    I think MSSF appreciates that too…so…with your support and my criticism….lets see what happens…..

    • You are absolutely right likeyou! In art school one learns to take criticism and learn from it…if one is smart. And you learn that no work is too precious or good to not be judged by the public or critics. Not every one will like everything I do and that is as it should be. I welcome all comments and really do appreciate your input. Sure it is nice to be praised but what good is praise without a bit of honest dissection and discerning taste? You keep me on my toes; I know your heart is in the right place. And you wouldn’t take the time to comment if you didn’t find something worth writing about.
      Max don’t worry about me, I am a big boy and can take it. But thank you for defending my work as you feel you must.

  35. You’re amply welcome!
    …and so, does that mean we can look forward to MORE GLADIATOR ACTION SCENES? While I don’t agree with you being chained to historical accuracy (how BORING would that be?), I do applaud LikeYou’s prodding you to give of more of what we appreciate best! LOL! SO, now, consider yourself DOUBLY pressured, buddy!

  36. A SUGGESTION…and please allow me to get right to the point…without the need for a paragraph of diplomatic foreplay…

    Take that man off that burning stake…

    Put a sword in his hand…

    Put a sword in his opponents hand…


    The rest…I am sure…you can figure out..

    Sit back and enjoy the many comments of praise and delight from your adoring fans…
    and our thank you’s,,,

  37. Great gladiator/arena pics…really like the action pics…the muscle form totally shows the weapon thrusting or the weapon taking…. making it all the more exciting and realistic. Many thanks

  38. Damn, I’m greedy!
    And you’re generous.

  39. Damn, I’m greedy!
    And you’re generous.
    Thanks so much

  40. Back again… admiring my faves!

  41. Back again, admiring my absolute fave theme, here… the Gladiators. Damn, these are good. Well, every image in every gallery is great… but these are especially viscerally exciting. I do hope that you add to the collection! … please!

  42. Hi there,
    Your beautiful, fantastic and wondrous art has given me a whole new lease of life. I was
    injured very badly in an accident some years ago which put an abrupt end to any fun I
    was able to have with my nether regions. Upon discovering your art it has spurred me on
    to start on a new hobby. i am now involved in creating large framed collages (for my walls only) of your superb art. The physical side of my body might not work but my imagination,
    thanks to you works like a forest fire. i cannot thank you enough for making my life a helluva lot more interesting than it was. You are the greatest.
    Best Regards
    PS. I am in Australia. Wish you were here so I could meet and thank you personally.

    • Dear Pete,
      I can not tell you how much your note means to me. I am honored that my art has touched you and helped you in such a wonderful way. YOU have really touched me and I am grateful to you for writing such a lovely message. Keep in touch and I would love to see your collages. Best wishes aways from here in San Francisco and keep that imagination going. It is the best sex organ we have.

  43. Sir, this is by far THE most beautiful, modern art-work that I have EVER laid eyes upon. As a history buff and admirer of ALL things Grecian, Spartan and Roman…(including, but not limited to the anthropological survey of the aforementioned civilizations and their respective ancient warfare training and tactics etc…)… I’m speechless…

  44. btw… nudity while training and fighting was not unheard of and actually expected (from the ancient Egyptians to the Greeks, Romans and Spartans- acclimation to nudity was a method with which to gain dominance over an enemy etc…) the ancient Scots fought in much the same way…only they came up out of the moors, screaming butt-naked and painted blue… the Romans were kinda freaked out…lol….

  45. Sorry fer the history lessons (I’m sure u already know this crap…obviously)- one last thing though…why do u think the U.S. military (USMC, in particular…Semper Fi) shaves the heads of recruits in basic…?! You got it… same principle, different era… OOORAH

    • Thanks so much Matt for your wonderful comments. I am thrilled that you like my work.

  46. Hi there again,
    As you know my indebtedness to you knows no bounds. Each time I bring up your site new thrills conjure up all kinds of sexy new thoughts. Apart from the magnificent quality of your work it is
    really great that in the darker artwork it is still possible to see quite clearly everything that is going on. So many other artists attempting
    your line of art are so dark the entire screen is practically black and
    there is virtually nothing to see. You are the GREATEST!!!

    • Hey Peter! Nice to see you here again. Thank you for your kind comments. Yes working in the “dark” is a challenge. The secret is in how you light the scene. Very much the same as on a stage or in the moives. This kind of lighting is key in my work.

  47. You know how much your work excites me, as I have told you so often! But you must forgive my being redundant as I gush once more… AMAZING!

    I hope you’ll come back to the Arena sometime again soon. I love watching the magnificent bodies pile up! Brave men flexing as their massive chests are pierced with blades… fuuuuck.

    “Death Blow”, with its three dead Gladiators, remains my absolute fave of your work! Bring on the Muscle Carnage!


  48. Would you please consider a concluding image for “Clash of Gladiators”? MAGNIFICENT hairy bodies… I’d like to know who wins… if either of them even survives! It could be a photo-finish double-kill!

  49. Great images and imagination.
    Looking forward to more Gladiator Stuff.
    Merry Christmas and thank you!

  50. So erotic, so fuckin stunning.

  51. This captures the spirit of rome.

  52. please tell me u live in Los Angeles! I’d love to have u do an exhibit at one of my upcoming club events.

  53. This gallery is just amazing – will you be producing any new Gladiator violent images soon?

  54. blood and lust, death and love. so hot and exciting!

    • You are so right, Vandoug, so right! I looked at some of your own heroic artwork, and it’s nice stuff! You could use a few Gladiators in future work! … since the death and love is hot and exciting, as you say!

  55. I have been an admirer of your work for some time, and I count friends amongst those who have commented before. Thanks for your beautiful erotic work, especially the gladiator images.

  56. Thanks for your good draws

  57. I miss these amazing Gladiator images! Are you creating any more in the new year? I hope so! Please give us more Massively Muscled Manly Men, ready to kill and be killed for our entertainment! AVE!!!

  58. I keep coming back to this section to admire so many amazing images. You know how to push my buttons!

  59. “Death Blow” (both views) is my favourite of your works. Damn… you understand muscle and death.

  60. The Death Blow and Death Blow 2 are my fave images. I do hope you will bring back some of the erotic violence of your Gladiator images. Proud, flexing, aroused death… just, wow!

  61. Actually, could you please complete the Death Blow story by showing us how the deaths of the other two magnificent bodybuilders in the last images? I have fantasized about those two dead men… and I’d like to see their last flexing moments as well…. when steel was thrust into their proud chests too.

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