Something About MSSF

I am a artist living in San Francisco. I work in digital 3D and also make machinema films.


  1. You are also you very generous man, to bring these paintings to us.
    Thanks for sharing your limitless talent.

  2. Thank you Max for your kindness and loyalty as a fan and friend.

  3. I like your art. Do you create special images on commission? If so, please let me know your rates and time frame. Hope to hear from you soon. LDA

  4. i like ur stuff! we love ur stuff xD
    dmn, if u could just make one pic of sum young hot guyz (18so lol) ull make my day xD
    but we luv ur stuff , itz not easy to find ur works! , those..that never been seen :p

    w/e i dont speak english so good but 😀 I LUV IT XD!

    • Thank you Jo Day! You made my day very special with your kind words. And your English is just fine!

  5. Hi, MSSF.
    You say you’re in San Francisco, but the other day at the arena of Pompey, I saw a Thracian gladiator armed with just a gladius and a scuta that looked just you: tall, handsome, great muscles – I was drooling over him, and his kill with a hamstringing thrust to his opponent’s thigh, and then (as the huge man fell on him) an impressive upwards strike that impaled the guy through the stomach up… He CAME up, too, his firm arm holding the weapon and ripping through abs, stomach, lower ribs, lungs… and stood against the dying Retiarius, who shook and spit blood out of his mouth, actually dying on his feet against the gore-covered Thracian!
    I CAME to attention seeing him, and I’d swear your photo above is of him, and also by the casual way your art makes me and others COME, once and again, to this site to watch more of the virile gladiators engorged and engaged in arm-to-arm, man-to-man ultimate combat.
    Long live MSSF. Keep your Flavian Arena full of gutsy gladiators stripped for action and gutted heroes emptying themselves of their life juice.
    Ave, MSSF. Morituri te salutant.

    • NICE!

  6. Hey MSSF, Your animation is AMAZING. I really enjoy your work. I’ve got to ask. All this muscle, but they never flex. Perfect example is the great line up you have at the top of the page if they were flexing I’d think it would be even better then them just standing there. Just my two cents. Thanks again for sharing your GREAT work!

  7. I like your work , it is wonderful , awaitting for new work

  8. watch satellite tv on pc
    great blog , how are you doing now eeh?

  9. OMG!
    Discovered your site today and In all honesty it’s unbelievable! What is the time frame for thisi artwork? Years? Can’t believe one man has the fecundity to produce a body of work of this maganitude. And talent! These bodies leap off the page! I especially like the ancient Greek/Roman genre. The Roman amphitheatre literally comes alive under your hand. You can feel the sand under your feet and hear the grunting of the desperate combatants as their muscles bulge and their cocks swing wildly with their effort. Would like to see a lot more of this genre. Suggestions: scenes depicting men fighting lions in arena (bloddy rakes across; chest, thighs and cock) ; virgin slave girls being deflowered in the arena ; wealthy Roman women selecting naked men for thier orgies: bisexual orgies, etc. This genre l has a lot to be explored. and I i’m not aware of anyone who does it as well. I like your fantasy work as well. I like BorisVallejo, Julie Bell, etc. but you r eroticism raises the work to a whole new level!
    Please continue the excellent work. I’m guessing you do this full time. Let me know if there is a way to support your work..

    • Hi Superken

      I agree totally with you about MSSF’s fantastic artwork here, especially what you said about the Roman arena scene, the sand, the grunts of the combatants, the cock and balls swinging wildly as they struggle etc – all this is incredibly well depicted !

      Would love to discuss this with you as am into all of the above. Please feel free to E-mail me at or

      This is definitely the best artwork of its kind I have ever seen and it turns me on every single time I see it – thanks so much MSSF !

      • Thanks so much Romanhero! I am thrilled that you like my work and that it turns you on!

  10. Hi MSSF

    I just got to say, just discovered your blog, love your work! I’d love to trade links with your site if you are interested. My homo-erotic art blog is centred around Egyptians, Greeks and Romans, I hope you checkit out!

  11. I have been a huge fan for quite a while. Your artwork is incredible!!! Today, I saw a recent edtion to your site called Giants. I’m a bit of a macrophile and this just turned me on!!! All I can say is More Please!!!

  12. és realmente incrível!

  13. Your work is beautiful…have you ever portrayed OTK hand spanking, (older man spanking the younger?)

  14. omg… whats the name of program, making digital 3D?
    ur works are realllllllllllyyyy awesome.

    • Hi Ian, I use DAZ 3D program. Glad you like my work.

  15. hi my name is robel i live in dallas texas do u make movies of it if so how much? and i would love to come to san fransico to meet u u r amazing

  16. Glad I found your site. Been a fan of your work over at Renderotica. Still a newbie there myself.

  17. I finally found your website. Nice you see you are still going strong bud. Hope you are doing well. Miss you a bunch! SL is not the same without you.

  18. just found this site…so awesome. would love to see more interaction with the pecs.

    • Thanks Vic for your kind comment!! I will see what I can do about more pec work!

  19. You very great and cool !!! Perfect work with hot daddie !!!

  20. I’m just getting out of my Jacuzzi and went for your site in Ancient Rome or any number of your awesome creations. Thank You so much for having an intimate Art style, that the viewer is drawn in, as if partaking in the sensual events going on in these Worlds you offer us, your Patrons at your Temple of Manly Desires. if you ever frequent the Venice CA. Beach area, My House is your House, Dex

  21. Hello MSSF
    First of all, thank you for your generosity to share your great work with us and immerse ourselves with him in a past world, full of muscular men, gladiators, violence and sex. All in one.
    I love your works on antiquity.
    I can almost hear the roar of the public when a gladiator falls defeated in the arena, praising the winner to unimaginable heights.
    Feel their excitement savoring their triumph and seeking their reward and rest outside the arena along with other gladiators, enjoying their muscular bodies.

    Thank you and encourage you to continue making us enjoy your work and immersing yourself in your wonderful world of antiquity.

    A great follower of yours

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