1. Eblogger will rue the day , much like MacLean Stevenson did after he left MASH !
    Enjoy your New Home, MSSF, & Greater Success to You !!


    • Hi CMan. So glad glad you found the new blog! Thanks for linking me too!

  2. Gotta have my Daily Requirement of MSSF Men !

  3. this stuff smokes!!!

    • Thanks Arron, but I don’t recommend smoking in bed!

  4. As the Brits say, ” I’m Gobsmacked !!!!” 🙂

  5. I love to start my day reviewing the latest art that is so very erotic and beautifully executed.Thanks for the visual pleasures you bring to the internet.

  6. astonishing. breath taking. true to the code; 1. Muscular
    2. Masculine
    3. Butch
    4. Well Hung
    5. Butt Beautiful
    7. Tanned
    8. Sexy
    9. Horny
    10. Handsome
    11. Hot
    12. Boned Up
    13. Rearing To Go
    14.The Deep Desire to Have Hot and Sweaty Man to Man Action, hours of Muscle Worship, Posing Hard to Show Off.
    It’s timeless and Ancient and Modern Man, all at once. Manly
    your awesome depictions in your Work allows all of us Men the Honor of your Integrity and Authentic Man’s thinking revealed in a pure art form. your talent, your eye for detail, so real, so beautiful, that it has become a religious experience daily for me, to look and deeply feel your connection in your Art to my big Penis and Balls as they flush with fresh Hot Blood. then a sexy sweat becomes to cover my body, that deep fragrant, stinky, sweaty odor, instantly the whole room smells like a Man’s Nude body…. ripe and ready to mate, ready to lust in the mirror as admire my own Muscular, Ripped, HardBodied Build, then I look at every one of your drawings, zoom in and let my eyes feast on the talent you have given to me. yes, the real 3D Man before me, reaching out to me in the Muscular Dad series. damn it’s Hot! thank you for such a great Boner enhancer. sincerely Dexter in Venice
    P.S. I’m shimmering in sweat, and my Big Muscular Hairy hand grips my big Stiff Cock, edging before for awhile before I go to the gym.

    • Wow! I should have you write captions for my work.

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