Nubian Slaves have some fun.



Bored to death at the games by the dull spectacle of the noon time executions of common criminals, the Empress amused herself with four gladiators under the arena. First up Arius of Macedonia!

The insatiable Messalina takes on Titus of Gaul. The oldest and most famed gladiator in Rome.

Not one to leave any gladiator unsatisfied Messalina takes on Criton of Britannia. The beast of the Arena.

She saves the little Syrian Macro till last. Good things sometimes cum in small packages.

After the gang bang under the Arena, the Empress Messalina wanted something special. A command performance. "I wish to be entertained." She said and then ordered the gladiators to action. She was dazzled by the show the low slaves put on for her. So excited by the exhibition she ordered them back into the saddle for another go round with her. Thank the Gods the Emperor Claudius was off in Britannia.


  1. Woof!
    Love your Gladiators… even when they aren’t swinging their steel swords, they’re swinging swords of flesh! When Claudius gets back, though, all this muscle-meat will likely be slaughtered in front of the mobs as punishment. No one could keep a secret from Claudius, after all!

    • You certainly know your Suetonius…or is it Robert Graves?

  2. Would someone be recommending “I, Claudius”? Does Graves’ work include the homoerotic, or merely inspire it ..

    • I have read “I Claudius” mountain, but it was so long ago now that I honestly cannot remember whether there was much homoerotic stuff in it. The book is at home so I would need to recheck it. Cetainly “Quo Vadis” contains some homoerotic elements, including a short description of two huge naked gladiators wrestling in oil as entertainment at a banquet.

      Incidfentally, I’ve added you as a favourite on aol – would be great to chat there sometime –

  3. I’ve been back to the site several times, but I wasn’t signed in.
    AWESOME as always. Thanks for keeping this theme going.
    I think after she’s been sufficiently entertained with the swords of flesh, she should order they bring out their swords of steel once more.

    And… the Gladiator in the cell… about to be fucked to within an inch of his life… will we see him in the Arena again?

  4. Great pics, all fantasies about ancient Rome come true.

  5. I do love your randy Romans!
    Your Gladiators lead very full lives outside of the the Arena!

  6. I agree totally with both Roger and Max Marshal.

    Your images depict gladiatoruial life as I am sure many of us would have wanted it to be – powerful, naked, exceptionally horny and uninhibited – with the gladiators up for almost any type of sexual pleasure and entertainment – total exhibitionists !

    Please continue with your wonderful work.

    Many thanks !

  7. Love your works! I just added some 3d renders featuring hunky ancient Roman/Greek warriors in my newly opened blog:

    Please check it out when you’ve got some spare time.



  8. I envy Messalina. she seems to enjoy her authority.

  9. all perfect

  10. A riff on “Punished Gladiator” – third from top

    Caution: Violence

    (Aside, to himself): My mind is mine and never will be his.
    (Then, speaking aloud): I am your captive. My life and my body are yours. Beat me. Torture me. But enslave me not, nor keep me idle in a dungeon deep. Hasten my life to its end. Make of me with knives your complete sacrifice.
    (Again to himself): Thus will my last moments pass quietly in my mind, for I will know that my end comes soon. When it does, I will have freedom, freedom from this mortal body which he defeated in battle, freedom from the shame of defeat before my warriors, my men, my sons.
    (Aloud): Yet with your knives, take special care before you stab and slice my mortal flesh. Make sharp your sweet steel and as you carve and sever keep fresh your blades that you may cleanly cut and my blood may quickly flow. Limit not the artifice of your craft, but fulsomely display your handwork. Create thus a pleasing sight for your eyes, but not for your eyes only. A worthy deed well done must be seen. Issue a summons. Bring forth your high priest and his acolytes. Call forth your sons who must with their own true eyes bear witness that they may know, not by the poetizing of your scribe, but by their own beholding, the savage beauty as their father draws death from life and my unworthy body, flayed and bled, expires to a corpse.
    (Again to himself): His look is fierce and keen, but still unquenched.
    (And now aloud): I see and all here now assembled see your risen cock, and mine. Your manhood rises in triumph. Mine rises to honor your victory. Yet among the assembled, whisperers pass judgment that your captive flaunts his member in defiance. To quell them, command my final ejaculation. Order a show. For in my tribe, as high priests and consuls attest, the jizzum of their warrior-prince possesses potent magic. Nothing in alchemy surpasses it. Indeed, my very sons have supped on it, that they may be strong and valorous. To honor your manhood, issue the last surge of my seed. From my risen cock, engender a fountain of virility. Grab my testicles in their sack. Squeeze, as you do, and pull and stretch my scrotum, and slice it off. Take with it those two jewels which men so admire and praise. That kind action of yours will make my manhood prouder still, and in its pride, it will bring forth for you my final ejaculation. No further touch will be necessary. But have your chest ready that my jizzum may splurge there as my tribute. And have your sons at hand that they may lap, not as pups, but as men. For in my seed, there is that powerful magic of which I spoke, and which will make them brave and strong. Thus will they make battle victorious against my own sons, for your sons will have the power of your seed and my seed against my puny sons who have but the power of their own father’s seed.
    (Sotto voce, and turning his head slightly): Scribe, if you hear this tale, write it as I tell it. But know yourself, and in confidence tell two or three wise poets, that my conquer is a gullible and foolish man who puts faith in such magical potions and tall tales as educated men long ago put aside. I know his weakness in this, as in blood and in lust. Thus, even in defeat, I prevail over him, and in this way, abrupt and savage, I make a quick end for myself.
    (Aloud again): When I have cum, then slice again. Slice off my shaft, which even then will stand erect in your honor. Display my defeat. Vanquish me. You and your sons, splurge your cum on your bloody trophies. (The deeds being done, the captive dies.)

    • Oops! That should be fourth from the top.

      • Wow that was fantastic Jock! In the grand style of the poets of ancient Rome. I LOVED it.

  11. I am very impressed by your work. Thanks for sharing it!!

  12. Beautiful figures having fun. I wish I had slaves to do that!!!

  13. ❤ love strong man, giant cocks, and big muscles!!
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  14. love the ancient roman, full of muscle mania, worship…

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