1. They need to save SOME strength for the Arena!

  2. Great work ! Really enjoyed

  3. Love your artwork, especially the works emphasizing sweat on muscle. SO HOT! A bodybuilder myself who has nips wired to his cock, I relate to your artwork in so many ways. You’ve hit it DEAD ON with your works.

    I would love to see more sweaty muscle men, especially in action. Pec play and more armpit play would be grrrreat!

    Ok, gonna cum now, heheh πŸ˜‰

    • HEY!
      The Greatest Artist of this genre is interested in possibly painting YOU!
      That’s an honour and a half!
      Best to you!

    • This work is awesome. I would like to see more slaves in action. Being pissed on, drinking piss, sucking cum out of other slaves asses, more leather. Stuff like that.

  4. JR you made my day! Thanks so much. It really turns me on that you, a bodybuilder are so hot for my work. Maybe I should do a picture of you???

  5. great artwork

  6. Love the work and the subject matter! What medium are you working in?

    • Hey Warren! I use a program called DAZ. A 3D digital rendering program. Google DAZ and you can learn all about it. And maybe try it yourself. The basic program is free as are the basic figures. I use mostly the Michael 4 and Freak 4 models as my base for my creations.

  7. Have u ever thought about making a younger people? imagining soundz so hot! πŸ˜€
    (18years old n so :p)
    but i luv ur work! awesomness!


  9. great picture, but i would like to see a real people doing sex, not at art…

    • Sorry Steve but this is strictly an art blog.

  10. Hi artmssf
    I love your work…hands free 3 is fab…love the composition on that one, the way the figure relates to the background. I’m intrigued by the way you create your images, so going to check out DAZ for myself ;)) If it’s not to difficult I’d love to have a go. lol
    I found you from the bigblkmuscles site…I’ll send you a friend request if that’s OK as I’m into art and would love to link. πŸ™‚

    • Hi Eileen!
      Good luck with DAZ it is lots of fun. Sure send me a friend request.
      Always happy to make new friends.

  11. I never imagined that I should cum watching a 3D image, but it happened with the number
    13 in this section. As a bodybuilder and illustrator myself I can appreciate the quality of your work, you are my heroΒ‘

    • Valdemar! That is really a nice complement. Thank you.

  12. jesus, mary agnes, martha and elizabeth… what the heyyyyyy…! got so hard had to jack on out! words fail me…! what WERE YA THINKIN’? one last word comes to mind (okay, two): damn, boy…

  13. il like it ;o)

  14. so good

  15. I especially like the shape of the cock on the sixth frame down

  16. Marcus with Shaved Head: there’s something about this work… eerily alive to me. Of course it’s phenomenal… there seems to be a liveliness in the eyes and flesh that does not exist in any of your other work… though, you should know by now, my infatuation with your historical works etc… just an observation- Marcus is truly beautiful. Thank you.

  17. All is fantastic – send more

  18. Love all the photo and Joe Sarge will always be one sexy daddy

  19. Well-created images: is the blog still ‘live’ [in 2015] or has it just stopped? J.H.

  20. Love the muscle daddies and young muscle boys licking their muscles and pecs and nips. Seeing it gives this bodybuilder a huge boner. Would love to see some with young ripped bodybuilders squirting hot Cum on huge thick biceps and pecs as muscle men flex.

    I love how much muscle and cum you put in your pictures. As a bodybuilder who loves to show off after a huge pump in the gym ( I’ve had guys jack off watching me flex in the sauna or steam room and guys jacking off watching me and feeling my hard muscles. Especially the guys who Cum on my biceps and pecs is so fuckin hot.

    Keep those pics cumming!!!!

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