1. …I always KNEW that BASEBALL PLAYERS were awfully ‘friendly’ with each other!…

  2. I nominate myself Head Cheerleader for this ass-eatin’ huge-cock orgy! LOL .. Fuck we’re hot!

    • Lol! I want to fuck the cheerleader…. now that would make me full of GLEE!

  3. Haha, maybe we could arrange something. But, I should have known! THAT’S how you take a break from the sexual intensity of creating all these super-hot renders.. by watching teenybopper television! LOL. Well, personally, I take a break from super-hot sex by.. arranging for even more super-hot sex! The curse of these huge balls, that require emptying via a massive orgasmic explosion three times a day!

  4. MountainMUSL certainly is a GREAT fan of your work!
    And he looks good IN your work too!

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