1. …i want this house!!…and can i have these two as me landscapers?!!…:-)…

  2. Sweet, baby ! Suh- WEEEET !!!

  3. there you go

  4. Alright Andrus Andrelicus, you are indeed one lucky slave ! If you succeed, Zeus himself will hear about and desire that huge cock. Here’s your chance to prove your manliest sexual prowess, and win your freedom. Here now, they’ve arrived. Twelve of the King’s studliest warriors, who pride themselves on never having been anally/sexually violated, are about to be brought in for you. The Queen chose them, since she needs a new harem of eunuchs, and she likes to know each swarthy handsome muscleman has been de-masculated first, and was subjected to a thorough male-plowing and homosexual impregnation before being led to the marble & knife, for castration. If you can stay powerfully erect long enough to fuck every one of them, and ejaculate your thick molten studseed from those huge balls you’re obviously so proud of inside each one of these reluctant bulls, you will be released to go free. Yes I will need to see your thick fuckmilk drooling back out, distinctly out of each hole. If I do not, and you falter and achieve anything less than a massive copious orgasm inside each of these men over the course of the next 2 hours, of course you will be immediately executed, and that awesome body sent to the taxidermist, to join The Gallery. Now, get hard, and let us begin ..

    • Now that is one HOT story MountianMUSL! Wow! I am impressed and the picture si great too!

  5. Hey thanks guy, glad you liked my interpretation & extension of your supremely sexually inspiring work. What an orgy must have transpired, eh ?! If you allowed yourself to masturbate over and drink in the sexual magnificence of the musclebull I brought in, with his powerful physique & enormous genitalia, I’m sure you’ll agree that he had no trouble dispatching The Dozen with a furious fierce fuck cockpierced into each, so now yes, he does have his freedom. Personally, I’d have loved to have been The Castrator off to the side, as each fuckee was handed off my way to be transformed ..

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