Also known as Msclkink.


  1. The skin looks even more natural than ever. He’s one of your most magnificent creatures!

  2. Oh, He’s One TUFF FUKKER !!!

  3. Like the old saying goes, it’s only fun to fuck another Top ..

  4. These are beautiful visions of our dark dreams!!!

  5. Thanks guys! And Avanschuylen, what a nice poetic thing to say!

  6. Dark dreams? Except I’m wide awake!
    Who wants to fire up ! .. a stogie .. and some hot cock !

  7. Umm…. welllll…. WOW!

    Totally blushing here.

    I’m gonna need to hit the gym a hell of a lot harder if I’m going to live up to this kind of a portrayal!

    I’m honored to have even partially inspired such beautiful art.

    -Mike Grant

    • Thanks Mike!
      So glad you could make it over to see yourself as I see you! Yes you are an inspiration to the arts.

  8. Mike Grant is the hottest gay porn star ever. Period.

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